Bakery Capabilities

  • We use Revent rotating rack ovens to provide more flexible production runs while still providing even baking and high-volume production
  • We use a Vemag dough extruder to efficiently portion dough into a variety of shapes such as bars, cookies, and other forms
  • A Robotic Arm allows us to maintain speedy production with our dough extruder by increasing our efficiency preparing trays
  • A Cretors FT80 air popper gives us the ability to puff cereal and snack pellets to the proper consistency so that we can create snack mixes and cereals
  • We use Seasoning Drums to apply wet and dry coatings to nuts, seeds, and snack mixes prior to baking to give them even coatings
  • Our facility is equipped with copper kettles to create wet ingredients for sweetening or flavoring baked goods
  • We use Hobart mixers to mix dry ingredients as well as combine wet and dry ingredients for baked goods


  • Tray baked in rotating rack ovens provides flexible batch sizes while still providing high volume production
  • Better air flow with rack rotation means even heating


  • Extrusion through the Vemag allows for precise portioning of dough and consistent sizing
  • Automatic tray placement means cookie production can run semi-automatically, reducing labor costs


  • Air puffed cereal and snack pellets are a healthier way to create snacks and snack mixes versus frying components
  • Seasoning pans provide even coating of each piece and reduces flavor hot spots