Confections Capabilities

  • We use state of the art Selmi enrobing lines to coat products in chocolate quickly in perfectly tempered chocolate
  • We complement those lines with a Selmi auto-molding line to create bars, custom molded shapes, and truffle centers that can be enrobed
  • For candy confections, we use a Jacketed Kettle to create large scale batches that can be decanted into trays, pans, or molds
  • We use an adjustable automatic cutter to create evenly portioned caramels and candies efficiently
  • For deposited fillings and confections, we use a Hinds-Bock depositor that features a heated hopper with an agitator that can quickly and accurately deposit exact weights of confections
  • To create panned confections, we use rotating drum pans, which provide even coats of chocolate or confection to nuts, seeds, popcorn, or baked or candy centers


  • Selmi enrobing lines provide us with perfectly tempered chocolate that can be precisely enrobed to a desired thickness surrounding a center
  • The auto-molding line means we can create chocolate bars, custom chocolate shapes, and chocolate truffle centers faster than hand-piping into molds


  • The jacketed kettle gives us the ability to make large scale batches of caramel, toffee, and other non-chocolate confections and candies
  • We use a Hinds-Bock depositor to deposit caramel and candy fillings into molds or onto other products to create combination confections