Cookie Capabilities

  • We use our Vemag dough extruder to size and portion our cookies, which allows us to change shape and size of the cookie by changing the dies in the extruder
  • These cookies are deposited onto trays and baked in our rotating rack ovens, which provide superior air flow and flexible batch sizes
  • Once cooled, the cookies can be packaged into pillow bags, stand-up pouches, or can be individually flow wrapped for larger cookies
  • We offer a number of different types of cookies: small button cookies, dusted shortbread cookies, thin crispy cookies, breakfast cookies, and large cookies


  • Our basic cookie size, which can be customized with a wide variety of ingredients and packaged into stand-up bags or pillow bags
  • Bite-size cookies are always popular as they make for easy snacking and packaging


  • Starts with a small shortbread cookie that can feature any ingredients you request
  • We then dust the cookies in powdered sugar, which can also be customized with flavors you specify
  • This cookie is inspired by classic British and Russian Tea Cookies as well as Mexican Wedding Cookies


  • This cookie dough is less dense, which allows the cookie to spread out when baking, giving it a thin, crispy texture
  • Each cookie can be customized with flavors and ingredients, then packaged into pillow bags or stand-up pouches


  • This component-rich dough can be customized with ingredients, sizes, and packaging
  • We can hit target requirements for fiber and protein while keeping texture, flavor, and sweetness a priority


  • One of the features of our dough extruder is its ability to portion dough into large sizes with great accuracy
  • We can take any cookie dough, adapt it to fit our extruder, then create a large-scale version of that cookie and package it