Granola Capabilities

  • We use Revent Rotating Rack Convection Ovens to create perfect tray-baked granola
  • Our rotating rack ovens provide superior air flow and even heating while allowing us to be flexible in batch sizes
  • Our granola starts with dry and liquid ingredients mixed together in Hobart Mixers before we portion it onto baking sheets
  • We also feature kettle cooked syrups so that we can properly mix liquid ingredients to prevent the creation of flavor hot spots
  • We offer a variety of tray-baked granola styles: loose cereal-like granola, muesli, small granola clusters, larger granola chunks, extruded granola bars, and extruded granola cookies


  • We can execute a loose, cereal-like consistency in our granola
  • We do this by using fewer liquid ingredients, which render the components more separate and less dough-like


  • By utilizing more liquid ingredients, we can create more traditional granola clusters and chunks
  • This gives us the desired texture and crunch of homemade granola


  • We take granola recipes and adapt them to function with our Vemag dough extruder
  • The compression in the Vemag binds the granola components into a bar, which is cut and deposited onto trays for baking before being flow-wrapped


  • We can also adapt granola or breakfast cookie recipes to work in our Vemag dough extruder
  • We can create granola cookies in any size by changing dies in the extruder