Snack Capabilities

  • We can create a wide variety of sweet and savory snacks that are baked to perfection in our rotating rack ovens
  • Using our seasoning pans, we can gently mix in wet and dry seasoning onto any snacks that you're looking to create
  • With our copper kettles, we can create perfectly mixed seasoning syrups and slurries that allow us to evenly coat each piece and prevent flavor hot spots
  • We can source or create components to assemble your snack mix
  • Using our Cretors FT80 air puffer, we can puff cereal pellets to create products like traditional cereal snack mixes as well as snacks like bugles and other puffed crunchy snacks
  • We offer a number of different types of snacks: roasted nuts and seeds, sweet and savory cereal mixes, and sweet and savory crisps


  • Sourcing the best quality nuts and seeds, we can season and roast them to perfection
  • These nuts and seeds can be snacks all on their own or used as components in other products
  • We also have a large format chopper and sifter that can precisely dice a nut or seed into the desired size while sifting out the unwanted dust and particulate


  • Using our Cretors FT80 air puffer, we use hot air to evaporate the moisture inside cereal or grain pellets, causing the cereal to puff to the desired size
  • These puffed pieces are then seasoned and baked to crunchy perfection before being packed out into pillow bags or stand-up pouches


  • We can source or create a sweet or savory crisp that can be used as a component or seasoned and sold by itself
  • With seasoning pans and tray baked product, we offer the perfect blend of efficient volume and flexible batch sizes when compared with band ovens