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Owner and CEO Jack Praino was tired of the high tech industry and wanted to get as far away from it as possible. Jack loved food, but found that most gourmet food was too expensive. He found a few high quality companies to purchase like Alaska Smokehouse, The Famous Pacific Dessert Company, and Traverse Bay Confections.

One of the problems Jack encountered was that the food industry didn’t really embrace modern equipment and technology at the small business level. There were either the really big players who operated multi-million dollar lines and make millions of pounds of cheap products with artificial ingredients or the small guys who did everything by hand with natural ingredients, which made the products very expensive.

Jack resolved to implement modern equipment into small business food production in order to make great tasting products that were affordable with all natural ingredients. With the purchase of the Alaska Smokehouse warehouse in Woodinville and it’s conversion into a modern bakeshop and confectionary, Jack makes great tasting products that are affordable for every consumer.

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