Capabilities & Programs

World Wide Gourmet Foods, Inc. is a Silliker audited and Kosher certified manufacturer of high quality gourmet bakery, confections, and seafood products. We can take a customer’s existing product, and duplicate it or re-formulate and/or re-package them in new and different ways.


  • We use Revent rotating rack ovens to provide more flexible production runs while still providing even baking and high-volume production
  • We use a Vemag dough extruder to efficiently portion dough into a variety of shapes such as bars, cookies, and other forms
  • A Robotic Arm allows us to maintain speedy production with our dough extruder by increasing our efficiency preparing trays
  • A Cretors FT80 air popper gives us the ability to puff cereal and snack pellets to the proper consistency so that we can create snack mixes and cereals
  • We use Seasoning Drums to apply wet and dry coatings to nuts, seeds, and snack mixes prior to baking to give them even coatings
  • Our facility is equipped with copper kettles to create wet ingredients for sweetening or flavoring baked goods
  • We use Hobart mixers to mix dry ingredients as well as combine wet and dry ingredients for baked goods


  • Tray baked in rotating rack ovens provides flexible batch sizes while still providing high volume production
  • Better air flow with rack rotation means even heating


  • Extrusion through the Vemag allows for precise portioning of dough and consistent sizing
  • Automatic tray placement means cookie production can run semi-automatically, reducing labor costs


  • Air puffed cereal and snack pellets are a healthier way to create snacks and snack mixes versus frying components
  • Seasoning pans provide even coating of each piece and reduces flavor hot spots



  • We use state of the art Selmi enrobing lines to coat products in chocolate quickly in perfectly tempered chocolate
  • We complement those lines with a Selmi auto-molding line to create bars, custom molded shapes, and truffle centers that can be enrobed
  • For candy confections, we use a Jacketed Kettle to create large scale batches that can be decanted into trays, pans, or molds
  • We use an adjustable automatic cutter to create evenly portioned caramels and candies efficiently
  • For deposited fillings and confections, we use a Hinds-Bock depositor that features a heated hopper with an agitator that can quickly and accurately deposit exact weights of confections
  • To create panned confections, we use rotating drum pans, which provide even coats of chocolate or confection to nuts, seeds, popcorn, or baked or candy centers


  • Selmi enrobing lines provide us with perfectly tempered chocolate that can be precisely enrobed to a desired thickness surrounding a center
  • The auto-molding line means we can create chocolate bars, custom chocolate shapes, and chocolate truffle centers faster than hand-piping into molds


  • The jacketed kettle gives us the ability to make large scale batches of caramel, toffee, and other non-chocolate confections and candies
  • We use a Hinds-Bock depositor to deposit caramel and candy fillings into molds or onto other products to create combination confections



  • We use our Vemag dough extruder to size and portion our cookies, which allows us to change shape and size of the cookie by changing the dies in the extruder
  • These cookies are deposited onto trays and baked in our rotating rack ovens, which provide superior air flow and flexible batch sizes
  • Once cooled, the cookies can be packaged into pillow bags, stand-up pouches, or can be individually flow wrapped for larger cookies
  • We offer a number of different types of cookies: small button cookies, dusted shortbread cookies, thin crispy cookies, breakfast cookies, and large cookies


  • Our basic cookie size, which can be customized with a wide variety of ingredients and packaged into stand-up bags or pillow bags
  • Bite-size cookies are always popular as they make for easy snacking and packaging


  • Starts with a small shortbread cookie that can feature any ingredients you request
  • We then dust the cookies in powdered sugar, which can also be customized with flavors you specify
  • This cookie is inspired by classic British and Russian Tea Cookies as well as Mexican Wedding Cookies


  • This cookie dough is less dense, which allows the cookie to spread out when baking, giving it a thin, crispy texture
  • Each cookie can be customized with flavors and ingredients, then packaged into pillow bags or stand-up pouches


  • This component-rich dough can be customized with ingredients, sizes, and packaging
  • We can hit target requirements for fiber and protein while keeping texture, flavor, and sweetness a priority


  • One of the features of our dough extruder is its ability to portion dough into large sizes with great accuracy
  • We can take any cookie dough, adapt it to fit our extruder, then create a large-scale version of that cookie and package it



  • We use Revent Rotating Rack Convection Ovens to create perfect tray-baked granola
  • Our rotating rack ovens provide superior air flow and even heating while allowing us to be flexible in batch sizes
  • Our granola starts with dry and liquid ingredients mixed together in Hobart Mixers before we portion it onto baking sheets
  • We also feature kettle cooked syrups so that we can properly mix liquid ingredients to prevent the creation of flavor hot spots
  • We offer a variety of tray-baked granola styles: loose cereal-like granola, muesli, small granola clusters, larger granola chunks, extruded granola bars, and extruded granola cookies


  • We can execute a loose, cereal-like consistency in our granola
  • We do this by using fewer liquid ingredients, which render the components more separate and less dough-like


  • By utilizing more liquid ingredients, we can create more traditional granola clusters and chunks
  • This gives us the desired texture and crunch of homemade granola


  • We take granola recipes and adapt them to function with our Vemag dough extruder
  • The compression in the Vemag binds the granola components into a bar, which is cut and deposited onto trays for baking before being flow-wrapped


  • We can also adapt granola or breakfast cookie recipes to work in our Vemag dough extruder
  • We can create granola cookies in any size by changing dies in the extruder


  • We can create a wide variety of sweet and savory snacks that are baked to perfection in our rotating rack ovens
  • Using our seasoning pans, we can gently mix in wet and dry seasoning onto any snacks that you're looking to create
  • With our copper kettles, we can create perfectly mixed seasoning syrups and slurries that allow us to evenly coat each piece and prevent flavor hot spots
  • We can source or create components to assemble your snack mix
  • Using our Cretors FT80 air puffer, we can puff cereal pellets to create products like traditional cereal snack mixes as well as snacks like bugles and other puffed crunchy snacks
  • We offer a number of different types of snacks: roasted nuts and seeds, sweet and savory cereal mixes, and sweet and savory crisps


  • Sourcing the best quality nuts and seeds, we can season and roast them to perfection
  • These nuts and seeds can be snacks all on their own or used as components in other products
  • We also have a large format chopper and sifter that can precisely dice a nut or seed into the desired size while sifting out the unwanted dust and particulate


  • Using our Cretors FT80 air puffer, we use hot air to evaporate the moisture inside cereal or grain pellets, causing the cereal to puff to the desired size
  • These puffed pieces are then seasoned and baked to crunchy perfection before being packed out into pillow bags or stand-up pouches


  • We can source or create a sweet or savory crisp that can be used as a component or seasoned and sold by itself
  • With seasoning pans and tray baked product, we offer the perfect blend of efficient volume and flexible batch sizes when compared with band ovens


  • We use a modular Yamamoto Weigh Fill Machine with gravity elevator to rapidly and accurately pack out vertical filled pouches and pillow bags within a 1/1oth of an ounce
  • We use a Matrix pillow bag form sealer to create pillow bags in either pre-printed or unprinted film in combination with the Yamamoto, with available nitrogen flush
  • We use a Barrington pouch bagger to fill and seal pre-printed stand up pouches
  • We use a Doboy flow wrapper for horizontal form sealing in pre-printed or unprinted film
  • We use an Econocorp Twinseal automatic cartoner to package boxes
  • We also operate Tridyne weigh fill machines for hand-filled pouches
  • All our packages are either date coded during sealing or run through a box date coder
  • Because of our personal relationships with our packaging vendors, we can offer local options for private label and custom packaging rather than having to send packaging overseas for creation
  • We feature Premera CX1200 and FX1200 digital label press and label finisher, which allows us to create labels quickly in-house with no die or plate charges
  • Our in-house graphic designer is available to offer guidance on artwork or generate custom artwork for your company


  • We can use our Yamamoto system with either Matrix or Barrington baggers to create packages as large or small as you want
  • Options range from 25lb bulk bags down to less than 1oz of product


  • We offer custom silk-screened wood boxes
  • We also offer a wide variety of cardboard boxes and tins, both recyclable and made with recycled materials


  • We can use our Yamamoto system with either Matrix or Barrington baggers to create packages as large or small as you want
  • We can fill and label any plastic container in the marketplace


World Wide Gourmet Foods Private Label Program – brings your brand to life. With a full array of products from Bakery and Confections to Smoked Salmon we can turn your vision into a marketable product on shelf. There are three ways to develop your branded product.

  1. Utilize one of our existing formulations packaged under your brand.
  2. Use your formula to create your custom product.
  3. Work with our Research and Development team to take your idea from a concept to a product on the shelf.


 1. Food Development Retainer-$1500

a. 10 hours of development time.
b. All development will be posted in a password protected cloud folder.
c. $150 per hour after retainer is used.

2. 3rd party Developers are accepted. We can and may recommend one if a project is beyond our scope.

3. Ingredients
a. WW Gourmet has a well-stocked R&D room of many ingredients.
     i. Formula will be reviewed, and a list of needed ingredients will be sent.
b. Specialty ingredients that WWG does not have on hand will need to be supplied by the customer. Many times vendors will send samples, but may charge freight.

c. WWG will invoice for any specialty raw materials we source directly.
d. Ingredients must be Kosher and meet WWG approved vendor criteria.

4. Pilot run- $2500
a. 8 hour shift in the plant
b. Includes two batches
c. In the bakery you do multiple bake times and temperatures within the two batches.
d. $300 per additional hour
e. Highly recommended that the customer attends pilot run.
f. Customer can take samples home. Customer pays shipping for samples.

5. Ingredient, Nutritional, and Allergen third-party verification. -$200 (5 day lead time)
a. Nutrition and Diet Services 503-654-3583
b. You may use your own third-party service. They must be accredited.
c. All labeling must be validated through a third party before prior to production run!

6. Lab testing and Shelf Life
a. Third Party must be used for lab testing. May use any accredited 3rd
     i. Aemtek 510-979-1979
     ii. Aemtek pricing is attached
     iii. Shelf life testing varies per product, frequency of testing, and duration of test.
b. May do your own shelf life testing and must have micro documentation
    to support findings. Findings must be chronically documented.

7. Graphic Design Retainer-$600
a. 8 hours of development time.
b. All development will be posted in a password protected cloud folder.
c. $75.00 per hour.