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World Wide Gourmet Foods, Inc. is an audited and Kosher certified manufacturer of high quality gourmet bakery, confections, and seafood products. We can take a customer’s existing product, and duplicate it or re-formulate and/or re-package them in new and different ways.

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World Wide Gourmet Foods Private Label Program – brings your brand to life. With a full array of products from Bakery and Confections to Smoked Salmon we can turn your vision into a marketable product on shelf. There are three ways to develop your branded product.

  1. Utilize one of our existing formulations packaged under your brand.
  2. Use your formula to create your custom product.
  3. Work with our Research and Development team to take your idea from a concept to a product on the shelf.


 1. Food Development Retainer-$1500

a. 10 hours of development time.
b. All development will be posted in a password protected cloud folder.
c. $150 per hour after retainer is used.

2. 3rd party Developers are accepted. We can and may recommend one if a project is beyond our scope.

3. Ingredients
a. WW Gourmet has a well-stocked R&D room of many ingredients.
     i. Formula will be reviewed, and a list of needed ingredients will be sent.
b. Specialty ingredients that WWG does not have on hand will need to be supplied by the customer. Many times vendors will send samples, but may charge freight.

c. WWG will invoice for any specialty raw materials we source directly.
d. Ingredients must be Kosher and meet WWG approved vendor criteria.

4. Pilot run- $2500
a. 8 hour shift in the plant
b. Includes two batches
c. In the bakery you do multiple bake times and temperatures within the two batches.
d. $300 per additional hour
e. Highly recommended that the customer attends pilot run.
f. Customer can take samples home. Customer pays shipping for samples.

5. Ingredient, Nutritional, and Allergen third-party verification. -$200 (5 day lead time)
a. Nutrition and Diet Services 503-654-3583
b. You may use your own third-party service. They must be accredited.
c. All labeling must be validated through a third party before prior to production run!

6. Lab testing and Shelf Life
a. Third Party must be used for lab testing. May use any accredited 3rd
     i. Aemtek 510-979-1979
     ii. Aemtek pricing is attached
     iii. Shelf life testing varies per product, frequency of testing, and duration of test.
b. May do your own shelf life testing and must have micro documentation
    to support findings. Findings must be chronically documented.

7. Graphic Design Retainer-$600
a. 8 hours of development time.
b. All development will be posted in a password protected cloud folder.
c. $75.00 per hour.


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