4 oz Pepper Garlic Smoked Salmon in Black Gift Box

Alaska Smokehouse

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Alaska Smokehouse Pepper Garlic Smoked Salmon is characterized by a light pink color, fine texture and excellent pepper and garlic flavors. In making our Pepper Garlic style Smoked Salmon, we soak the salmon fillets in a brine that contains a mouthwatering combination of black pepper and garlic. Using our Natural Salmon's mild flavor, this allows the smoke process to carry the brine through the entire Salmon making it one of the best tasting Smoked Salmon products on the market today. Our Alaskan Smoked Salmon Pepper Garlic Style features: No preservatives, coloring, oils or artificial ingredients are ever added Our smoked salmon fillets are all hand filleted and soaked in traditional Native American brine Each fillet is inspected before it is sealed in a gold foil pouch Hot Smoked over Alder wood fires High Protein, Low Carb, Wild Caught and Kosher-certified.

Ingredients: Salmon, Salt, Spices, Natural Alderwood Smoke.

Contains: FISH.


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